Artist Research: Bart Hess

My research on Bart Hess started from material exploration.

Review what I did so far, I’ve already led my project work into a product making stage. However, the product now is still not innovative. I analysis my whole work, in my opinion, the most important part I’ve missed is pushing the translated skin into product stage. In other word, I need to carry on this material development. A tactile, high visual quality, could be applied into product translated skin should be developed.

So far, the soft translated skin making were only experimented with silica rubber, resin and acrylic, but only the rubber one is more proper to be applied into product. As my project is around lizard skin, biological visual feeling is important for my design, but it wasn’t shown much so far. I believe doing more work from this point would push my works into a more innovative state.


lizard skin

Bart Hess is “The material mutator and artist on futuristic fur, latex skin and freaky feelings“.                                                                                   ——-From an interview on DAZED

I do research on this artist, and focus on his idea and material making.

About his making process, I could see a lot of information on his web in Vimeo, he uses video to show us the innovative creating record. He explained his making process through another innovative way: video. Video itself is not an innovative form, but the point is the content of a video.


Work With Me People Part III (from Bart Hess on Vimeo)

There are several artist interview website show their interest on him as well. Through the interview, I could learn about his ideas and attitudes towards art and design.


Another article was especially taking about his black translate skin, which was “Work with me People” project. We could read this in Dezeen.











Pictures are from another interview of this artist on ONTOUR