Exhibition in RA London:Dalí Duchamp

In the gallery wall panels, there were four sections: Identities, The body and the object, Experimenting with Reality and Playing Games.

“ the painting, the clowning, the showmanship, the technique…everything is only one manner for/to express the total personality of Dalí.”

Exhibition in MAC Birmingham: The fence and the shadow-Sally Payen

The most impressed feeling for me is the depression atmosphere while I’m looking at the paintings, feeling I am looking to the landscape through the rough fence.

Meanwhile, I was associating that how did the women of the Greenham Common Peace Camp chained themselves on the fence to resist the nuclear weapons protest.




the paintings were amazing, express the emotion and build the atmosphere of the landscape of protest of nuclear weapon. looking at them could make us keep thinking about what happened there.


Using the artworks to express one’s personal political is a great way to appeal and communicate with other people. In jewellery as well.


Another brilliant thing was we had really nice and deep communication with our tutor Jivan. The truth is being an artist, we need to be always tolerance and to respect other artists from quite different culture backgrounds. And the more we learn about their culture and history, the deep we could understand what they really want to express. Thanks for Arts, which gives us an amazing platform to learn and think about this world.

London Exhibition:Zhen Xu徐震 Supermarket

He is one of the artists who deeply realized that there are lots of fake pround of Chinese people.

The Xuzhen Supermarket are full of empty packages of snacks and other products. These empty packages are all recycled and glued back.

Sometimes for a country, when economic develops too fast, but people’s mind development couldn’t reach the same speed, then the results of unbalance happen.

Structure making: Spheres structure works well

The sample of the sphere structure I drew was finished yesterday. The result is not bad, I could basically sure about this plan would work, but need to be improved in many aspects.

Analyze this sample, the problem are:

  1. the steel balls inside were too heavy for aluminum shell, I should make their weight more even
  2. the connecting stick between the two steel balls should be thicker as I drew before. It actually doesn’t need this much space to scroll
  3. to be more stable, the inside connecter between two half sphere shells should be a whole piece with the two shells, which could be achieved by using 3D print. Thats my next plan.
  4. Be more beautiful
  5. the shell could be transparent so that we could see the structure inside.





transforMAtion workshop:Get our body extension

Jewellery have no limitless

Our MA class had an amazing workshop today. Zoe and Rebecca organized this for us to get more understandings and ideas about our body. It was a good way to think about the relationship between jewellery and body.

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We worked as group, each group got same materials: a 20m paper roll  and a sticky tape roll. Every group would make a performance in about one hour, with the limited materials we got. The making process and performance were great out of imagination.

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