Colorful sample

This sample were what I tried earlier in this month.

I added acrylic colors into resin, and made them dry through the holes.

This is one of the ways I could use to make texture and colors on to the surface of the shells, but I’m not satisfied with this method, and using metal and resin would make the structure pieces too heavy.


Experiment on colors by drawing sketches

My last drawings were about colors and textures on the surface of the shells, according to the 3D works I carried on, I could also try an opposite way to put the color: inside.

In detail, I could print the outside shells into clear resin, which could be transparent. So I could do another experiment that to put the color and texture on the inside connectors.

These drawings are about put the color and texture inside on the little connectors.


Using Rhino to build the structure

I used Rhino to build the structure. Meanwhile, I’m considering if I want to do color and texture in the surface, what kind of materials can I experiment on?

I could 3D print them into wax and to cast it into silver, then using enamel to make the color and texture.

Or print them into lighter materials, better to be white color, and use resin or heat print(only if the material could undertake the temperature) to make texture.

A Drawing trip to Wolverhampton Art Gallery, seeing the exhibition—The Other Mountain

We had a drawing trip day yesterday, and finished tasks of drawing during our whole trip to Wolverhampton Art Gallery. During the whole day, we were keep observing and drawing on our sketchbooks.

It’s a day conveyed a lot of information. Drawing is the most important way for us to think, create, express and design. Meanwhile, drawing in the gallery could make us think more and deeper about the artworks. The Exhibition we appreciated there was “The Other Mountain”.

The Other Mountain is an exhibition which show us internationalized Chinese Jewellers’ artworks.

Re-thinking my project after module 1: Stop my opinionated thinking, Correct the project direction

After the assessment of last module, I realized a lot of problems in my project idea and study plan.

Firstly, I combined two big different topics: gender and structure (based on lizard skin), but their connection was way too weak. Post gender is a concept I still couldn’t define it, my thinking and understanding on this concept is still very immature. The continuous structure inspired from lizard skin is considered more complete, with the idea of translating the skin, this topic is more proper to be my current study object.

So I decided to make my project study specifically on the lizard&structure, and the whole research would be much more focus on the original inspiration—lizard skin and structure design.


Another important reflection of the first module is that I need to rethink about hand-made and technology-made. The truth is I think a little on this issue, and made a sample by hands which could be well designed by technology. The structure could be better designed by 3D print, so if I’m going to make an even and regular structure, using software is a better choice. But the lizard skin translating could be worth making by hands. Doing more experiment on materials, colors and figuring out how to put the translated skin on the surface of structure, these works need hand works.


Which kind of design could be more suitable for hand-making? Which could be more for using technology?

The new technologies could help us finish some making process perfectly, then using hand to try to finish the same thing is becoming meaningless. Hand making process has its precious points on other aspects. Some explorations on materials, shape, surface, texture, emotional expression…they are always worth experimenting by hands.