Another 3D print shell—-print into whole piece and using soft material to make connectors

3D print should better be used for tiny and more complicated pieces. This time I still use 3D print to make this shell, but I adjust it into a harder for handmade but better for my structure design one.

My experiment plan for this shape as a unit of the structure is using soft connectors to connect them. Because this would be a small whole piece, I don’t need to open it and set the connectors, in this way the units could be more stable individually.

And for this repetition design, I would make mould to repeat more of them after casting and polishing. Lets see how this gonna work after making out the samples.

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Week Review: Silent Auction-How do we value a piece of jewellery

Can’t imagine a better way to figure out how value works on jewellery through an auction.

Rebecca and Zoe organized a silent auction for our MA students, which helped us to get deep understandings of value.

For the auction, everyone made a piece of jewellery in one and a half hours, then displayed them in the auction. Then everyone give the “Money” (they were actually notes with any amount of money we’d like to mark on) to the 5 pieces of jewellery they would like to buy, with their evaluated price.



The most interesting thing was most of us actually realized that only the jewellery was not enough, we need advertising, good display or a supporting story for our jewellery as well.

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Jewellery were valued in different ways. We take precious of a jewellery not only because it’s commercial price, but also the emotional connection we feel, the story that means something and the happiness it could bring us.


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