Artist Research: Lucy Mcrea—Inspiring me on wearability

During last module, I did research on an artist: Bart Hess, who inspired me to think and explore more on translating lizard skin through the language of jewellery.

Now this artist I’m talking about is Bart Hess’s good partner, Lucy Mcrea. Their work inspired me on different point. Lucy Mcrea’s artworks always fully use body, and have different wearing ways. Her wide use of materials and methods helped me re-think about my project.




In my project, my works are based on the repetition of the basic elements. Observing Lucy Mcrea’s works, repetition method has been applied a lot. Learning form her works, I think that extending the piece size into as big as covering the whole body could build a strong visual sense.


Her project “Power Room” gave me some inspiration of how to display a series of works.


There are more links of website about her works, my research on this artist are mainly from these interviews, dialogues and her original videos.


Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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