Product making record: Try another color pattern

Based on the experiment I did, I drew a new pattern and adjust it by software. This 3D vacuum heat print would show better result with higher contrast and saturation color. Also, the machine would turn all the color more purple. So I adjusted the color into a state which more fit the machine’s colors setting.


Still, this pattern was inspired by the lizard skin.  I made some color palette from those skins.


For this product, this color step would not be the last step. The printed pattern comes first, then I will use another way to make tactile texture on the shell surface. When I painted on the textile fabric on the paint board, I got rid of the fabric after the acrylic dried, there were acrylic color left on the board. I’m going to using a similar way to make the texture.



Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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