Product making process record 1

Using metal shell and 3D vacuum heat print color the surface is my plan for the first product in this stage.

The results shows nice color and patterns, but as I expected, the pattern was nicer than colors. The heat print weakened the color, so I should make the color deeper in software. Another problem was, I have to solder the back pin first then bake the white color, but when doing 3D heat print, the pin was on the way, so the shells with pin could not get printed.


These metal shells were made from brass, I used dooming block to shape them, and soldering tubes inside to connect two half sphere shells. I’ve mentioned these process in my old blogs before.

Last week, I tested digi spread, baked metal pieces into white color. Here I used the same way to spread and baked these pieces in the oven.


Then I filed the edge and polished inside of these shells. I made a wood mould for stabilizing the shells, which is for the 3D vacuum print. Printing on the vacuum paper actually was tried twice, because in the first time, the paper were printed out very fast which is unusual and looks weird.







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Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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