Test pieces recently made: Digi spread; Titanium and aluminum press forming failure; resin casting

This blog is mainly a record for making process and some failed test pieces.

The digital spread is a preparation for heat print afterwards(Pictaflex machine).

687B17D5-2388-4453-8AB1-26DC7552856387A9F469-21AF-4139-A82F-7CCEA5E004B1B0B6F00A-5A16-4DBA-A267-73718B624040 270DFBAED-CD65-4C2F-87A6-B1C81A93B0A8

Press forming the aluminum sheet and titanium sheet were failed, reason were aluminum has bad ductility so it couldn’t be formed into a half sphere; titanium is too hard to be press formed, plus I dont have any thinner Ti now. Consider about time table, I’d better do this experiment later.


I made moulds with 3D printed wax pieces, casting into resin shells. They  were bigger and thicker size than before, because I thought it might make the resin more clear and well done, but it worked not really good.


This is a record of  product making process.



Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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