Methods experiments: Using 3D print, handmade and universal milling machine to make connectors

The shape and length of the inside connectors were adjusted with different shells. Because of the higher request of the size of them(they have to fit the shell accurately), I experimented on several methods to make them.

Wax carving is not accurate especially the sphere part, so I used sphere shape product to combine the shape and making moulds, it worked not good.

Then I used 3D print to make even and perfect half sphere shells and make mould with silica gel, then casting them into resin. this part works not bad, but considering of the heat print colors afterwards, I need to make more of them into white colors.

I thought about making them into clear resin and put a piece of pattern printed paper inside, to show the color, I will try this way with the universal milling machine mould I made(because it is half-and-half).


Another way I used is universal milling machine. I used the machine to cut the regular half sphere on acrylic board, making them a mould for casting resin and silica gel. The experiment showed that this mould is better for making silica gel connectors.



Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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