Made a mould for press forming a textured thin metal piece and shape silica gel

In the past weeks, I experimented on colors, meanwhile, the shape and texture on the surface of shell is another focused point.

I want to add a soft textured surface on the shell, so I made this mould by wax carving and casting. I will continue doing press forming with metal and shaping silica gel with this mould.

8B118542-EF83-46AE-B22F-56F440A97ACC189A2323-7F93-49C4-93EE-8FE9C42EAECA9FA16066-FF16-456A-B004-3C92DF2F82C7 274B6006B-601B-4C01-8770-0CA4336D98B5 278665725-45FB-4D1B-91BC-FD350420836C4F419907-4FEF-4917-9DC4-AF6F0A74337A


Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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