Structure making: Spheres structure works well

The sample of the sphere structure I drew was finished yesterday. The result is not bad, I could basically sure about this plan would work, but need to be improved in many aspects.

Analyze this sample, the problem are:

  1. the steel balls inside were too heavy for aluminum shell, I should make their weight more even
  2. the connecting stick between the two steel balls should be thicker as I drew before. It actually doesn’t need this much space to scroll
  3. to be more stable, the inside connecter between two half sphere shells should be a whole piece with the two shells, which could be achieved by using 3D print. Thats my next plan.
  4. Be more beautiful
  5. the shell could be transparent so that we could see the structure inside.






Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

2 thoughts on “Structure making: Spheres structure works well”

  1. I really love this sample… it’s beautifully tactile, and I think it’s something you should really try and develop further. I can see really interesting designs coming from this, especially when combined with your lizard skin inspiration.

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    1. Thank you very much! Yeah I want to keep developing them, but now I’m using Rhino to model the structure, and experiment on translating the lizard skin surface by hand. I’m really happy to talk with you more often


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