MA Program: Repetition fold design is one of the main methods of a deformable structure

According to my research, there are several ways to make a continuous deformable structure in jewellery. One of that is folding art, or say folding method. The smart folding design could make out a piece of jewellery which could be deformable, flexible and stable.  Nel Linssen is an artist included in my research.


Nel Linssen makes jewelry inspired by rhythms and structures in the botanical world.


“My work arises intuitively and in an empirical way. I am continually trying to discover logical constructions, inspired by rhytms and structures in the botanical world. In the development of my ideas the use of paper as a means of expressing myself was an obvious choice. As a material, it possesses a lot of qualities that come in useful to me. Moreover, the tactile qualities of paper are important in connection with wearable objects”.



Author: primjewellery

Jewellery designer based in Birmingham United Kingdom

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